Life Sciences

True to its name, the accurate translation of life science content is of uttermost importance. In order to provide the correct terminology, only the qualified medical translators are assigned to life sciences projects, consulting the trusted subject matter experts, wherever needed. Our areas of expertise include software and documentation of medical devices, clinical studies/trials, and pharmaceuticals.


As a technology-driven company, IT translation is where we can showcase our skills. The supporting documents (e.g. help materials, website content, whitepapers etc.) of any software we have localized are handled with care.


This domain is where we can make the most of technology. Depending on our client’s preference, our technical team can offer MT engines based on their terminology and have the final checks using customized quality assurance process. Manuals and website content of automotive and machinery manufacturers are good examples of what we do in this domain.

Life Sciences

E-commerce is the main driver of the retail industry. In 2019, the global retail market reached US$25 trillion. Unlike physical retail stores, e-commerce is able to cross borders with the help of localization. We help some of the global retailers to penetrate into markets. From product descriptions to web interface and support materials, we act as their one-stop localization provider.

Business & Legal

Let’s put on our suits and get our ties, we will start translating for businesses! We ensure that numbers are terms are correctly placed, with automated quality checks. Financial tables, legal contracts, reports, presentations, CEO letters, internal correspondence are only just a few to name what we can take care of.

Tourism & Hospitality

Whether you are providing hotel reservations, flight or tour tickets, you need a trusted language solutions partner. Considering the high volume of travel content, your solution provider will back you up with robust translation memory management and machine translation infrastructure, along with consistency and accuracy checks.