Alperen defines himself as robot whisperer, believes that he can solve any problem with the robots and even tries to automate his dreams.


Automation Specialist

As an ENTJ, Aslıhan provides rational solutions to any hardship one may face and manages to steer to calm waters. She likes to think that she is inspired by Avatar Aang's tranquility, Lightning McQueen's speed, Geralt of Rivia's style, and Dwight Schrute's dedication.


Project Coordinator

Beyza is trying to do her best to catch up with her little world as a part-time linguist, a part-time spouse and a full-time mother. Being a true Rock’n Roll fan, she also loves to dance along 80’s disco hits while translating.


Turkish Linguist

As a proud mother of a 6-year-old, Binnaz loves attending workshops, making DIY projects and playing LEGO with her daughter. Binnaz is into computer games, postcrossing, paint by numbers, fantasy and sci-fi literature.


Turkish Linguist

As a mother of two fluffy monsters, Cemre is used to the wild nature of urgent projects. Apart from trying to resist Spotify’s Daily Mix playlists, she is also trying to be the bridge where linguists and clients can meet.


PM Team Lead

A self-made ninja, Cenk is obsessed with optimizing things either it's filling the dishwasher or streamlining the workflow. You can find him repeating "never assume", "you are your words" or "I'll be unavailable camping at a mountain this weekend".



As a true nature lover, camper and sun-catcher, when she doesn’t get enough sunlight Dilara creates it through art. She loves traveling to warm places, especially the Andalusian coast. Immersed in three languages, Spanish at home, English at work and well Turkish… for everything else, she is a true lingüista.


Turkish Linguist

A mom of 2 amazing daughters, who likes diving into the world of words & hi-tech, inspirational nature & parrots! Always strive for a better version of myself with a “never stop learning & exploring!” motto & ready for hard challenges that unlock new abilities with a meticulous eye to the minutest details.


Arabic Linguist

As an ultimate
optimist, İlgi can always find something ‘fabulous’ even in the worst-case scenario.
She travels a lot, enjoys road trips and camping adventures since she loves collecting memories. Her motto is "nothing is legendary unless your friends are there to see it".


Client Success Manager

Melis, mom of a toddler boy and a teen cat, is a full-time linguistically obsessive overthinker, wine drinker, theatergoer, Aşk-ı Memnu lover, and zumba dancer. She always fights against sexism, racism and fascism.


Linguistic Services Manager

Melis is mom of a three-year-old cat, an ultimate Friends fan, a true nature lover, and a self-aware workaholic. If her body didn't need to rest, she would spend all her time either working or travelling. She always welcomes criticism and is open to new ideas. Motto: work hard, play hard!


Turkish Linguist

A linguist & headbanger of diverse interests, Nejla is proud to be a free individual at heart and mind. Don’t let her combat boots or pitch black closet scare you, she loves kitties and rainbows too. Beware though for you never know when she might growl.


Turkish Linguist

A language loving linguist, Onur's favourite activity would be playing with a group of friends speaking multiple languages while cooking dozens of meals from different cuisines and playing the piano at the same time. His multitasking skills are not there yet, though.


Turkish Linguist

Selen, the mother of the chubby cat "Waffle", starts the day by pinching her cat's cheeks. Besides playing guitar and dancing, she also loves discovering new places and matches every place she visits with a song so that keeps her memories alive with music.


Project Manager

Having forged his skills in the ninja camp, Sergen now can't resist eating quattro formaggi. He is a cinephile, an idle stroller, and a human being who thinks that nine women can deliver a baby in one month.


Project Manager

An incurable laugher, Şeyma is the cook of the big dinner tables with the tastes that can blow your mind away. She is obsessed with the accuracy of the numbers and punctuality which gives other team members huge trust.


Accountant on maternity leave

Yaren, a modern-day tortoise trainer, always gets things done and at the same time never forgets to feed her 7/24 hungry turtle thanks to her multi-tasking skills achieved while trying to complete every single side quest on an open-world RPG game.


Project Manager