We are highly competent, but also humble.

No matter how good we are at what we do, we ensure that our behavior does not overcloud our competency. We work in an environment, where a good attitude is just as appreciated as good work. And when you give the same weight to these two elements in your magic formula… Voila!

We’d go out of our way to ensure your utmost satisfaction, but also make sure we are fully charged.

When you put a great effort into something and it turns out well, you start to get a taste of success. However, you need to step back every once in a while, and enjoy the things as they are. Even robots need some maintenance and downtime, after all! And we are well aware that the key to success is to work smarter, not harder.

We are friendly and attentive to people’s needs, while also prioritizing objectivity and fairness.

Since there are things in life beyond our control, we always leave room for flexibility. A healthy amount of empathy makes our lives easier and fosters collaboration. While we make our decisions, we are also empowered by the data to balance flexibility and responsibility.

We are highly inquisitive, and not content with what is left unoptimized.

Some things might be done in a certain way for a very, very long time. This does not necessarily mean that these practices are not open to questioning. At El Turco, we are a huge fan of effectiveness and optimization! With our absolute open door policy —and the advantage of being a small and agile company—, any team member can present a solution or discuss a problem at any time.

We believe and invest in innovation. And innovation requires adaptiveness.

-We have served blue-chip clients for so long that we have learned a lot from them. We believe in the power of being tech-savvy and adaptive in such an ever-changing landscape. And of course, this means we often get out of our comfort zone to get things done.