What is Localization Ninja?

It is an educational initiative by el turco to pay back to the localization community. The program is conducted in the form of a 5-day bootcamp, the first of which was held in April 2019. Seasoned experts from the industry come together with translation students in Localization Ninja to share their knowledge and expertise. The sessions are structured to cover all aspects of localization, from file engineering to LQE standards. Apart from the theoretical classes, ninja candidates participate in translation and project management workshops.

How did it all happen?

After we started expanding our team and gained more visibility in Turkey as a new-generation localization company, we received many internship applications from senior translation students. Although we are always in need of qualified language specialists (just like any other localization company), we realized that the gap between the academy and industry was too large to fill in a fast-paced workday. That was the moment we decided to spare enough time and space for the young talents to learn and grow with their peers.

So, what is the cost of this program?

It is absolutely free! However, we have limited availability, since this is an intense program intended for a small group of students who aim to be a part of the industry.

Ninjas are free spirits by nature! We do not require them to work for us during or after the program, although we can offer some job opportunities.