In this globalized era, we cannot think of a software that is not localized. Our seasoned team has vast experience in software localization, and we already provide our services to many Fortune 500 companies. The localization of the most popular mobile phones, operating systems, and complicated ERP systems are only a part of our daily routine.


With the motto of “work hard, play harder,” we are a huge fan of video games. And we believe that only the gamers can understand the very spirit of the game and convey it to the target market. Either they create a complex console game or a hyper-casual one, we delightfully help our clients to localize their work of art.


-Let’s Netflix and chill! -Well, we have to work. The online entertainment business is on the rise, and our team is well-prepared to help you entertain other markets! Our technology and experts can take care of all the stages involved, right from transcription down to the final delivery.