What is El Turco?

El Turco (“The Turk” in Spanish) is a premium localization/translation provider for Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Azerbaijani (Azeri), Greek, Bulgarian and other regional languages.

What is El Turco?
How does it work?

What does El Turco do?

We provide premium translation&localization services to the world's most renowned companies in IT, engineering, automotive, life sciences, marketing & finance fields.


What languages you offer?

We focus on certain languages we're confident in to avoid quality compromise and offer regional languages of Turkish and Arabic.

What makes El Turco different?

What makes El Turco different?

El Turco consists of a highly experienced team of localization professionals that spent decades providing excellent services to their clients. On the other hand, El Turco is a 3rd generation localization company that relies on technology to offer efficient&affordable solutions.

How good is the quality?

How good is the quality?

El Turco is powered by seasoned translation and localization professionals who provided translation services to blue-chip clients for a long time. We are VERY picky about linguist recruitment. All of the linguists we partner have at least 5 years of experience in the area we agreed to work on. They are vetted by our senior linguist team and monitored continously on their performance. Any team member performing low is delisted. We also welcome any client feedback and provide our service until our client is happy!

How much does it cost?

Are your services affordable?

We use cutting-edge technologies to automate the mechanic work that is not necessarily to be done by skilled professionals. That helps us to save the costs while help the professionals to focus on quality-related matters. Please contact us for a quote.